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Combine the natural beauty of timber with the strength and durability of aluminium with DecoWood™ - Australia's leading wood grain finish on aluminium. Provide protection from suntan by adding multiple layers of an outdoor finish to help protect wooden outdoor furniture from UV rays besides humidity. When exposed to the weather, even the finest finishes failure and wear over time, so every year or two recoat your wooden outdoor furniture. Finish the entire wooden outdoor furniture surface and fill all cracks and seal every crevice and niche. Slat fencing, public seating and other outdoor furniture applications will look like new timber for years to come without ever needing to be painted or stained.

The best method is to spread over a quality outdoor primer then applied with an outdoor latex or oil-based paint. Even rot resistant or treated wood won’t endure endlessly but at least you can enjoy it longer. Elevate the piece faintly off the ground with furniture glides so it doesn’t stand in pools of rainwater.
Make sure you know these tips to help your wooden outdoor furniture endure longer in the harsh outdoors. Apply multiple layers of outdoor spar lacquer that contains extra UV blockers for a natural-wood appearance.

Penetrating finishes or deck stains should be avoided as they don’t offer enough outdoors protection for untreated wood.

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