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Light translucent finish that features the color range and grain patterns found in natural wood.
This finish consist of clear sealer and topcoat that is applied directly to the wood without stain. This finish consist of clear sealer and topcoat that is applied directly tothe wood without stain. Amber is a translucent, hand-wiped finish that emphasizes character, natural variations in color, and grain of the natural Cherry hardwood. This natural finish accents the dramatic characteristics, variations ingrain pattern, and wood color of the natural hardwood.

All variations in the wood are enhanced to create the warm natural look of the Harvest finish. The natural variations in the wood are considered a feature of this finish and are not a defect. The stain color only lightly blends the natural color range and grain variation of the wood. The variations of the natural wood are featured in this finish and are natural characteristics of Cherry. A single door sample will not be a good example of all the variations this finish may offer in variety and contrast.

Stain buildup ingrain, corners, and grooves is an inherent characteristic of the Frost finish and is considered acceptable.
The finish process reduces the variation of wood colorsand minimizes color contrast in the finished product. The natural variations of the wood are blended to give a look that only real Hickory can provide.

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