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This is a mood lamp designed by Paul Sandip and Suhasini Paul, bring a new way to bend the glass tube into 3 Dimentional instead of in 2 Dimentional. This lamp is designed by Victor Vetterlein, inspired by tall wet grass with water droplets that amplify sunlight.
This is an unique and beautiful streetlamp in sculptural design, designed by Mebrure Oralto help save the environment by creating its own energy to light the lamp.
These clear lamps can be filled with anything your heart desires (think shells, love notes, marbles), but there's also something to be said for keeping them empty in honor of their sweet, simple design.Price varies by size from $169 to $199.

Made by lacquered fiberglass, these lamps has unique and interesting woven design for the shade that will make an interesting lights on your walls.
It is a sustainable lamp with high tech looks and consumes lesser power compared to light bulbs.
These lamps has several sizes, shapes and colours to choose, Represent the trees on forest. It using LED that consum only 1.4 W for the light source, extends along the arm of the lamp.

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