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A nearby church will take over operations at the second-run movie theater and, after a renovation, reopen and resume showing films. Woodland Hills Church, which has owned the Maplewood Plaza Theatre since 2001, plans to continue showing movies for $2 a seat, except Tuesdays when tickets are a buck.
Church officials decided not to extend the lease of operator Nathan Block, who will end 15 years running the theater at 1847 E. Block, a co-owner of the Woodbury 10 Theatre, had struggled to raise the cash for the conversion.
The church will pay to convert to digital and renovate the theater, which has operated since 1967.

The theater can show the movies so inexpensively because the films -- such as current titles "The Lone Ranger" and "Despicable Me 2" -- already have been in major release for at least two months. Although digital conversion presented a fiscal dilemma in recent years, manager Brent Erwin said the theater has been profitable for about the past five year. Ticket taker Cassandra Donald said she has stayed on at the theater for three years because she has a wonderful job.
It means the two-screen theater will remain an east metro destination for cheap dates and inexpensive entertainment for families. Richardson had expected it to be one of the last times she'd be able to see a movie at the theater.

The theater's owner, Woodland Hills Church, will renovate the building and then resume showing movies, but also use the space for church activities.

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