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My down fall though I probably could have bought 2my sheets for the price I paid for the material I WANTED…. I made two sheets for my sister’s new baby and, out of habit, immediately cut the selvedges off the first one only to find that it was not as wide as I assumed it was. I made a crib sheet and quilt set for my grandaughter (top sheet and pillowcase for when she moves to the toddler bed) and now my daughter shows me Dana’s tutorial to help make it easier.
It’s just so funny that you posted this seeing how yesterday, I was just thinking about how I might sew my own crib sheets for my future babes some day, hopefully in the not too distant future. What a sexist, and wrong, comment to say that boy baby should not have bears on his sheets!

I think she was just trying to say that there are more options if you use your own fabric rather than buying from a store, and that the gender-specific boys items are even more-so limited. Unfortunately to buy the actual size sheet to fit is so expensive and we are in a pretty bad situation financially right now, SO I was actually planning on making one and just “winging it” but your tutorial for the crib sheet will help me out in making my sheet IMMENSELY!! I have found sheets at garage sales and thrift stores that were barely used and I washed up in hot water..
And this was one of those “duh“ moments when I discovered (after both kids had graduated from a crib) that you can make your own crib sheets!
I was concerned that the 45 inch width of fabric wouldn’t be enough for a depth that would keep the sheet on the mattress of an active child.

I made two fitted crib sheets from one twin flat, but my dimensions were the tiniest bit smaller in order to get two out.

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