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With a blade skewed at a 30° angle to reduce cut resistance and aid in shaving clearance, this plane cuts quickly and quietly, avoiding the set-up, noise and dust associated with power tools. Due to a manufacturing delay on the body of the NX60 Block Plane, these products are temporarily unavailable. Plane Sacks Made from a silicone-treated knit cotton that resists moisture, these sacks are ideal for plane storage. Lee Valley just announced a new line of Veritas detail rabbet planes, which are now available in 5 sizes.
Each plane has a one-piece machined and ground ductile cast iron body with a fixed mouth and 3″ long sole. Veritas® #6 Fore Plane One of our largest bench planes, the #6 fore plane is ideal for smoothing and flattening large surfaces, such as panels, table tops and workbench tops. Like all our Veritas bench planes, the #6 fore plane incorporates a frog that extends all the way to the sole.

Spill Plane Before matches became widely available in the 1860s, long, coiled wood shavings known as spills were used to transfer a flame from one location to another, such as from a fireplace to a candle, lantern or stove. Made from ductile cast iron with an O1 tool steel blade, the plane measures 8" long overall and weighs 1 lb 9 oz. Though they share a common pedigree, the polished version represents the first of our premium plane line, while the black version is part of our standard line. An unobtrusive set screw in the throat of the plane allows repeatable mouth positioning while at the same time preventing the moveable toe from contacting the blade. Designed much like a tube sock with a drawstring closure, they keep dust and dirt off planes and help deter rust.
These very slender planes ( Lee Valley describes them as pocket-sized), can be used for fine controlled and precice cuts that typically call for a chisel, such as when cleaning dados or grooves. Either set of 3 imperial or 3 metric planes is $149 with a regular price of $169, and the set of all 5 planes is $239, will a regularl price of $279.

The long sole ensures accuracy, as it will not follow the bumps and valleys that a shorter plane would. Typically made using a special inverted plane, spills burn more slowly and consistently than paper, and also double as a convenient tinder material. The lever cap has been extensively redesigned to integrate cleanly with the plane body and provide an almost continuous hand-contact surface, with tactile cues for finger placement. We based the design of our spill plane on an 1850s Edward Preston spill plane in our collection.

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