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One other plus of the K5 over the K3 is that, I believe, the front clamp mechanism never protrudes below the bottom of the jig, so it can be used in the middle of a flat surface without being elevated. Kreg changed this to an adjustable sliding gauge with its own lock pin , right at the top of the drill guide section. Either Kreg wanted to keep some parts interchangeable , or it's plain dumb luck that the older, much sturdier DC port will swap out with the new version if so desired. You pull the pin on the front side of the jig, which sits right above the dust collection elbow , and move the slider block section of the guides up or down as needed. I am in Thailand and they don't have Kreg Jig screws here, I think I am screw if I can't find screw for my Kreg Jig here in Thailand.
There are only numbers on one side of the jigs outer section, so this picture will reflect that.

The inside adapter works fine here, but you can't move the set-up abruptly or the elbow will start to pop right out of the jig.
But I’ll admit that I hadn’t actually tried the system and figured it was probably difficult to master much like trying to use a dovetail jig for the first time!Well I’m happy to report that using the Kreg Jig System is not only easy to fast!
It really is that simple and the results will really blow your mind.For my evaluation of the Kreg Jig I decided to make a simple face frame. My impression of making face frames is completely the opposite now!The first step in making a Kreg Pocket Hole is drilling the rail. In the photo I’m using the Kreg Clamp which holds the pieces tight and flush while installing the crews.The kit includes the long square bit for driving the Kreg screws.
Another key to the tight joints is using the Kreg Screws which are specifically made for this type of joint.

The screws pull the joint really tight and that’s all there is to creating a Kreg Joint.Final VerdictThe Kreg Jig blew me away in it’s ability to create really strong, really fast pocket hole joints. While Kreg claims no glue is needed the addition of glue will make most of these joints nearly indestructible.Bottom line is the Kreg Jig system is an amazing product that I wish was my idea!
From the beginner to the professional this is a tool that I highly recommend!Where To BuyKreg Jigs are sold at all major Box Stores, hardware stores and numerous online stores.

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