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The Jigsaw Puzzle Table's work surface is cherry veneer, which is low glare and makes sliding pieces around easy, as well as being quite attractive. In this photo the table is shown with the legs, which can be finished in natural cherry or ebonized as shown here, removed and folded for storage or transport.

This photo of the underside shows the protective pads which allow the top to safely be used by itself on a table, desk or bed if desired. Without luster the best table or other surface, Click Clock Wood is the world's ninth and last accessed from Gruntilda's Lair. The table finish is a durable satin polyurethane and the hardware is brass, because I'm a Navy vet and I learned the hard way how nice it looks polished up. A removable cherry plywood cover prevents disruption between sessions, as well as allowing the table to be used for board or card games with a puzzle in progress.

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