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TweetKnowing how to sharpen lathe tools is probably the single most important thing any pen turning or woodturning hobbyist should obsess over.
Scarily sharp tools will result in less broken pens, fewer cracks, and overall pen perfection. The most important thing to focus on when sharpening woodturning tools is the angle where the tip meets the grindstone.
While the grinder is on and the tool is being securely held against the grindstone, slowly turn the tip of the tool to the right (by rotating the wood handle with your dominant hand). Then, with the tip of the tool still securely held against the grindstone, rotate it all of the way back, past the center, to the left. The other most commonly used lathe tool in woodturning, the skew, is sharpened the exact same way.
It’s nice to know that I’m not doing all of this for nothing, so if you found this helpful or you have pointers for sharpening lathe tools, please comment on this post below!

Hello Ian, Again – great explanation of your process and the sharpening jig will save me lots. Easy Wood Tools - Woodturning Made Easy - Carbide Woodturning Technology - Never sharpen again! Regardless of whether you’re pen turning or turning anything else, the process for sharpening woodturning tools remains the same. It’s an extremely basic, yet very functional tool that is essential for sharpening lathe tools. I didn’t know how to sharpen my tools so I went ahead and purchase the carbide Magic pen genie from Pen state industries.
If you have any questions as you buy (or build) sharpening accessories and get started, feel free to reach out! Or of course Titebond or Gorilla Glue would do a great job too, I was just a little impatient and wanted mine to dry quickly so I could use it I hope that helps!

Without it, the jig would easily move forwards or backwards a little due to the vibrations from the grinder and completely destroy the angle you were trying to sharpen at. I was thinking of shelling out a couple hundred dollars for a work sharp machine, but if this does the same thing I will use that money for a better set of chisels instead. Also note where I’m holding the tool with my non-dominant hand (your dominant hand is used to support the wooden handle at the base of the jig). Once you catch yourself putting too much pressure while turning, it’s time to take your tools back to the grinder and sharpen them again!

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