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In addition, you also need to evaluate your house structure by sketching your house into your carport plans. If you want to build the carport by yourself, there are a few things that you should take into account.
In order to reinforce the structure of the carport, we recommend you to attach 4×4 beams to the posts, as in the free plans. Smart tip: Cover the roof of the carport with tar paper and lock them to the plywood roofing with staples.
Smart tip: Apply several coats of stain or paint to the wooden components, if you want to protect them from decay.
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This wooden car port is made from Northern Scandinavian timber, which is longer lasting when compared with the average types of wood and is therefore very valuable. Determine to make a carport is a great selection if you don’t have enough budget and space to make a garage. Figure out on how to situate the carport in relation with your back door and driveway, or you want to move the carport too close with your back door. Building a carport for your RV is a basic project, but it will protect your vehicle from bad weather.

Therefore, we recommend you to use batter board and string when marking the perimeter of the carport.
And we can offer you just that – a double-sized carport able to fit two automobiles while the price of this construction makes it a particularly good choice.
However, you can also install any of our buildings by yourself, because we mainly manufacture our products as DIY kits. You may want step your carport away from back door ad make a porch that cover between the house and carports. These plans are designed for a RV (recreational vehicle), so if you want to build a carport for a regular car you should either adjust the dimensions of the structure to your needs or to check out the related projects.
Taking into account the size of the carport, setting the posts into concrete would give your structure the best support.
All our carports are made from high quality and particularly dense Scandinavian timber, so you can be sure that you'll have a superior product which will be very practical and will add a decorative touch to your surroundings. You should adjust the size of the carport according to your car, while using the same steps described in this project. Upon request, we can make 5m long uprights or reduce the ridge height to 2.5m, in order that you avoid the necessity of applying for planning permission. It comes with 10 thick (13cm x 6cm) uprights which ensure that the carport stands firm and supports the roof properly.

However, building carport with a wood framed structure will provide much more visual appeal. Well-designed overhangs and roof pitch of your carport plan will help you to ensure the final result of carport you will build. In addition, rain may erode the gravel and dirt of parking area, even if you make footings under the support posts of your carport plans. It will minimize cost from several hundred dollars to add a concrete slab under your carport. If you like an upscale carport that is made from cedar, you still can compromise by using the design and using salt treated pine for your carport’s structure. The choices for the construction include wooden structures, metal carports, and combination from different materials.

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