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My husband and I had such great time creating these shelves and it was amazing how easily they came together. I shared a collection of awesome temporary wall treatments recently, and this one can be added to the list: wall shelving! Place and attached your shelving braces (we used corner braces instead of actual shelving brackets). Unfortunately the studs on this wall wouldn’t allow us to center the shelves so instead we decided to use wall anchors. Since the rope is only for aesthetics, we were able to use these hook screws are not worry about the weight of the shelves.

The only problem is most apartment complexes won’t allow renters to put very many holes in the walls, especially large ones. All images and text on this site are copyright to Making Home Base (unless otherwise noted).
It’s a great way to bring attention to you beautiful styling instead of the stark white wall. To level the shelves we centered them, then screwed in the first bracket – used a level to get the shelf straight then screwed in the second bracket.
One additional thing I plan to do is to paint the wall anchors and hook (white & stain shade) to blend in better with the walls and shelf.

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