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With all the nice warm weather in northern California, I decided that I wanted to build a few patio chairs to be able to enjoy evenings outside. The most frustrating part of the entire project was taking apart the pallets (the nails are often rusty, so be careful!). Make: is the voice of the Maker Movement, empowering, inspiring, and connecting Makers worldwide to tinker and hack. Aluminum cans became plant tags, coat hangers helped support vining plants and pallets became an A-frame vertical planter and an entire suite of patio furniture! With the second style, you take the lid of an aluminum can, poke a small hole in the lid and thread it onto a shepherd’s hook made of a piece out of a wire coat hanger. Tip: Dan Robillard, horticulture teacher at McKinley High School day program and adult education, pointed out that the students mixed in many vegetable plants among the ornamental plants– and it looked lovely! In order to prevent the spread of insects that might be living in the wooden pallet (and thereby prevent the spread of invasive species), pallets are treated to kill the insects. According to this post on Instructables, pallets now need to be stamped to show which method was used to treat the wood. Simply take two pallets and nail on a brace (a horizontal piece of wood) in two spots to hold them together.
He used a full pallet for the back of the loveseat, seen in the center of the photo at the beginning of this article. The most important thing to keep in mind when building the chairs and loveseat are the angles, Leshinsky said. The parts of the chairs most likely to show wear and tear are the planks on the seats, Leshinsky said.
I will use old plant markers from the nursery and use duck tape and make a new front & back, though the sun does fade the writing over time. There was a huge pile of pallets stashed in their stockyard that I had noticed a few weeks ago while buying wood for another project.

After talking to the employee responsible for “shipping and receiving” I was shown a pile of old pallets that none of the vendors wanted. The webpage provides instructions, dimensions, and lots of reference pictures and is a great resource for anyone who wants to build their own patio-style chairs.
I’m looking forward to making a few more chairs and maybe even a small couch so my friends and I can enjoy the nice summer weather on my patio. I’m always running out of plant tags, but I hate to buy them for myself because the nice ones tend to be expensive. An accomplished woodworker, he already had experience building Adirondack chairs from standard lumber pieces in his home workshop. It’s difficult to pull pallets apart, he said, because the nails that are used in them are like panel pins (sort of like a nail with the ridges of a screw) and are difficult to pull out. When the students retrieved the pallets, the weather was in the high 30s  and the pallets were covered with snow.
You could sand down the seat and smooth the edges, Leshinsky said, or drape the chairs with a towel or add cushions. Leshinsky thinks the pallet furniture won’t last as long as furniture made from better lumber. If a plank splits, you can remove it and replace it with a plank from a new pallet, he said.
Instead I opted to look around town for some reused wood in the form of pallets, since I personally like the look of weathered bare wood. Unfortunately, like many other businesses that receive large shipments of goods stacked on top of shipping pallets, the vendors wanted those pallets back. Eager and excited to get to work, I snatched up three pallets and crammed them into the trunk of my car. I used a cordless drill to create pilot holes for the wood screws to avoid splitting the pallet wood and a circular saw to cut all the pieces to size.

I only had a hammer and a pry bar to disassemble the pallets, but with this method, for every two boards I ripped off the pallet I ended up breaking or splitting another board.
You will also be receiving the weekly Make: Newsletter to keep you inspired with new projects and more product reviews. The small plastic markers are cheaper, but they get knocked over in the winter by wind or rabbits or get pushed out of the ground when the ground freezes. However, once the ink is dry, you can run water over it and scrub, but that lettering isn’t going anywhere. He came up with the design for the chairs made from pallets after looking at pictures of similar projects on the Internet.
He estimates the pallet furniture will last five to seven years and other furniture will last 12 to 15 years.
As it was explained to me by an employee from the hardware store, for every pallet of goods that the hardware store received, they had to turn around and give back an empty pallet to the vendor. Moral of the story: don’t assume a pile of pallets are free for the taking, be sure to ask first and try you local grocery store!
For the slats on the back and bottom of the chair I used a nail gun with 18-gauge brads and wood glue to minimize the use of screws. When I go out in the spring to see what I have planted where, the small tag is lying on the ground and I’m not sure what plant it goes with. I still want to assemble a few more chairs so I’m planning on building a tool like this before wasting anymore time using the hammer and pry bar again.
That’s one of the negatives of using the pallets as a source of wood for building projects.

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