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Doll house furniture and little people to play with inside the doll house are integral to have a great doll house playing experience.
To furnish a dollhouse comfortably, all you need are some wooden blocks, cotton and colorful cloth patches.
Make Dollhouse Furniture from Paper - Fold these printable paper table and chairs for your doll houses. Shoebox & Spools Doll Bed - Make a bed or crib for a baby doll with a spool and a shoebox. Oatmeal Box Rocking Horse for Your Doll - Even dolls get bored, make this rocking horse out of an oatmeal container, cardboard, a mail tube, ribbon, and a few other items. How to Make a Recycled Glue Stick Figurine - If you want to make a recycled craft and want to make a mini doll house figure, then this craft is for you. How to Make Twist Tie Doll Figures with Moving Arms and Legs Crafts Idea for Kids - If you want to make your very own play dolls out of recycled twist ties, then find out how to.
Easy to Make Kokeshi Dolls - This Dolls was made with a walnut, a wooen bead, some decorative paper, and paints.

Mini Dollhouse Figures with Cardboard - Learn how to make these really sturdy cardboard figures that look like Little People figures. Today we will show you how to make a really great toy doll house out of shoe boxes and other materials.
Check Out Our Doll House and Doll House Furniture Making Crafts Section for more of the same types of crafts. Place the boxes with the open ends towards you, and glue the second pair over the first to make a two-story house. Cut out windows, and glue pieces of lace paper doilies inside the windows, for curtains, as in illustration C.
However, it isn't always possible to go out and buy all the stuff that goes inside a doll house because it is very expensive. The base is an empty thread spool, with a round piece of cardboard on top to make it wider.
To make the clock facing, cut a square of construction paper with a peak at the top, a little larger than the surface of the box, as in illustration A.

This little two-story doll house with its gabled roof can be made in less than a half hour by any handy boy or girl. Don't worry about the expense because we are going to show you how to make handmade dollhouse furniture and doll house figurines. If you like, you can paint the furniture with paint or decorate it with colored paper, felt, or fabric, or perhaps paste colored cloth or floral pictures to the chairs.
For the shade, cut a piece of paper so it is 3 inches wide on the ends and narrows to i inches in the center, as in the picture.

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