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Brendan never discusses his political involvement with Clann, no matter how hard one tries to press him the answer is always the same: “If experts couldn’t make me talk, no one else will”. Brendan was back living in Nana Kelly’s in Slievemore Road and distinctly remembers cycling across the Royal Canal at Kilmainham on his uncle’s bike in mid January of that year, which only goes to show how cold the weather was at that time. Brendan makes a point of explaining this because in modern times the word ‘Sap’ has taken on a completely different connotation, meaning drunkard, which Jem Kelly never was.

After that Granny Phelan decided to call a halt to the matrimony lark and lived to a good old age on her two pensions. Brendan remembers times when uncle Ned would come home from the night shift and deposit his dentures on the sideboard.

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