How To Make A Bench Out Of Wooden Crates,Woodworking Plans Christmas Tree,Two Person Desk Chair - How to DIY

Crates have been used form ancient times to keep and transport fruits, vegetables, wine and even milk. Recently designers have rediscovered the aesthetic qualities of an old vintage crate and have started re-purposing them into truly elegant design pieces.
New or old, a wooden crate can be revived and reused in many different ways from storage ideas to coffee tables, side tables, cutlery storage, wedding table decorations, flower planters, balcony wooden benches and so on.

If you are not in possession of a vintage crate you can make it seem older yourself by stenciling  a brand new crate. The trick is to restore the crate just wright, and not overdue it or paint a vintage crate and destroy it aesthetic value.
Like wooden pallets,  Re-purpose Old Wooden Crates and get some very interesting and creative design items suitable for every interior design and taste.

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