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I was looking at it and the way he made his is pretty strong, he made his just like a lot of BMX's built there quarter pipes and so on. He had me build 2 large boxes (measuring 30-inches x 24-inches x 20 inches), and one smaller box for his daughter (20-inches x 16-inches x 12-inches). These boxes don’t really have to be that pretty, but I went ahead and puttied the nail holes and any minor voids in the joints with natural wood filler. Thanks for your interest Mark, but I’m not in a position to build them right now, and really the intention of the blog is to help people do-it-yourself, rather than advertise for my own services.

I’m going to build a half dozen of these boxes for some make-shift seating in my yard for barbeques, knowing I can stack them in the corner when not in use. Cut your side walls of the curved part of the table top in ply wood (make 2) run 2x4 in between the ply wood on the inside (if you don't understand what i mean i can send you a video just PM me) and put a couple layers of thin ply wood in top of the 2x4. If your ply wood isn't curving properly try boiling some hot water and putting it on your thin ply wood it should curve a lot easier.5th. Have fun riding!And if you have any questions let me now what you don't understand anything i just said (i am pretty new to PB so i don't know how to very much).

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