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Those guitar display and storage cabinets are fine furniture made by skilled, proud craftsmen.
First, why not follow all those experts advice and keep our guitars in their cases where we’re told they belong. There were (and are) some major problems converting the use of the cabinet to a humidified guitar cabinet. When the humidity is just slightly lower than optimal, this is often sufficient to protect my guitars.
However, the important observation is that over 10 years of use and monitoring, this system has done a good (but not perfect) job of controlling the humidity for my guitars.
The improvements I just completed on the cabinet concern the support system I use to position the guitars in the cabinet. I had previously used a 2×4 piece of wood with dowel rods projecting out to support the necks of the guitars and keep the guitars apart.
If I were to remake the cabinet (or next upgrade) I wouldn’t cut separate foam sections from pipe insulation and instead wrap the braided cord directly around one long length of pipe insulation. 11-Dec-2015: 4 More Mid-priced Guitars for Less than an ES-175The Gibson ES-175 is a great guitar.
It was an armoire but originally purchased and repurposed to serve as a locked cabinet for office supplies when my wife’s business still leased a full time offsite office. However, as the humidity approaches 20% RH I turn on a small fan that blows over the top of the plastic container and sponge. However I was always afraid I would accidentally bang one guitar against the next when putting a guitar away. I also go back and forth as to whether my original design for keeping the guitars upright and apart was better than this.

It is smaller than the 18 and 17 inch jazz boxes of the swing era — before… »27-Nov-2015: Solid State Jazz Guitar AmpsI reviewed some jazz guitar amps in a previous post.
The cabinet was brought home after we decided that 95% of what we did could be done at our home office. The cabinet had come with adjustable shelves (now removed) except for one shelf in the middle of the cabinet. However, in order to maintain the inside of the cabinet at a higher humidity than my study in the winter the cabinet had to be fairly well sealed. The object of the sponge is to prevent a situation where I might accidentally spill water on my guitars.
The reason for this is too insure the guitars don’t fall forward, out of the cabinet, even if they are not quite properly placed. But have you ever seen those fancy guitar display cabinets and thought, that would be really nice. The high end is your imagination since most of the builders will customize to your specifications. The practical reason I prefer to keep them in a cabinet during the dry winter months is accessibility and convenience. Every time I go by the cabinet in the winter I give a quick glance to see if everything is still OK. I originally tried using guitar case humidifiers but the cabinet is too big and too leaky for multiple guitar case humidifiers to keep the interior humidified. When it is really dry, a room humidifier that is next to the cabinet is generally enough to keep the humidity in the cabinet under control.
That serves as the cushion for the guitars so they aren’t sitting directly on copper pipe.

The rear bottom pipe center is about 7 inches from the rear of the cabinet and the front is about 13.5 inches from the rear. If you have a lot of guitars it can be a lot of work to keep your guitar case humidifiers charged with water.
As I helped my wife move this item toward the front door I realized my guitars would fit in the cabinet with only some minor modifications.
The shelf isn’t the full depth of the cabinet so the humidity is freely circulated throughout.
The cord buffer for each guitar is tied between the bottom pipes to keep it out of the way. But with a humidified cabinet I just need to do a single check to see if my humidifier needs water, and single fill if it does.
Instead of putting the cabinet on the curb in front of our home, we moved it to my study where it has lived ever since. My solution was to move the shelf to a higher location (probably not as optimal from a structural standpoint) that allowed my guitars to fit into the lower portion of the cabinet and provided storage above the guitars. I’ve used a variety of weather stripping products for doors and windows to reduce the leakage of humidified air in the cabinet. The guitars have to be flat against the wall inside of it but that makes it a really nice display closet.I simply ran an extension cord into it and bought the smallest humidistat equipped electric humidifier I could find.
When it comes time to play a guitar it takes considerably more time removing a guitar from its case than from the cabinet.

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