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Cat condos are different from cat trees in that they contain more cubbies for the cat to hide in.
Place the square table on top of the rectangular table and secure it with wood glue or metal brackets. If you are using wood glue: paint the bottom of the square table's legs with a thick layer of wood glue. These rope-wrapped legs will act as scratching posts for your cat, and save your furniture.
Get four cube-shaped boxes, each one 2 inches (5.08 centimeters) smaller than the last one. They are great for houses with children or dogs because they will give the cat a place to hide in. If there is a large cardboard box that your cat already likes to sleep in, consider using that.

If your box came flat or unfolded, slide a self-heating cutting mat inside box before you start cutting.[2] Be sure to erase any remaining pencil marks after you cut the doorway out.
Use a wide paintbrush or a foam brush to apply the glue to the top of the first box, and the bottom of the second box.
If your cat has a certain blanket she likes, consider putting that inside the condo as well.
Cut a piece of fabric that is the same with as your box, and about ? inch (1.27 centimeters) taller. A great place to pick up boxes is at an art store, an office supply store, or a post office.
If you want, you can even paint the inside rim of the windows and doorways a contrasting color. The quickest way to do this would be with spray paint, but you can use acrylic paint and a wide paint brush as well.

You cat may not care about what it looks like, but doing this might help it match your room decor.
Cats will not go through anything they can't get their whiskers through.[1] The doorway can be any shape you want, but make sure that it is as close to the bottom edge as possible. Place the box down on top of the largest box, making sure that one of the corners and two of the sides are aligned.
Paint the back of the carpet with wood glue, then press the carpet down onto the table top.

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