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The new updated kitchen features glazed cabinets and a walnut island with granite countertops. The thing to remember while building up the kitchen cabinets is that their top catches the most attention so there is no need to make fancy base cabinets. Put the cabinets to the desired height by fixing them on boards which are attached to the wall with the help of screws. Cabinets in kitchen serve many purpose, they provide lots of storage space for utensils, add a sleek look to the kitchen decor.

Measure your kitchen from wall to wall using a measuring tape, calculate its area after subtracting the space covered by the wall closets or other previously installed cabinets. If you purchased second hand cabinets, they will require a bit of refurnishing before putting them in your kitchen.
There should be ample space for placing many glasses, which should be hung top down from the top cabinet to give your bar a professional look. The standard cabinet configurations that are in use these days include placing them along a wall, putting them in the centre of the room, or placing them in an L shaped fashion.

However, if they are quite worn off you will have to use the wooden paste to fill in the cracks, and then use the polish to give the cabinets a finished shiny surface.

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