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If your woodworm problem only affects small wooden items, such as a chair or musical instrument, you may be able to sort it out using Rentokil DIY woodworm products.
If you think you might need professional woodwork control, call Rentokil Property Care free on 0800 0121 437 to arrange an appointment.
Our range of DIY woodworm products gives you a choice of woodworm fluid, woodworm spray and woodworm classic wax polish.
For larger areas or for structural timbers, call us free on 0800 0121 437 to arrange an appointment to professionally assess and then treat any woodworm problem.
Having conducted a detailed inspection of accessible building timbers our Surveyor will be in a position to advise if treatment for Woodworm is required.
A specification of remedial works will be prepared by our Surveyor following completion of a risk assessment during which he will identify the safest, most effective way in which Woodworm Treatment can be applied. The objective in remedial Timber Treatment for Wood worm is to create an envelope with insecticide around the treated timber. Our products have been designed using our 80 years of experience in woodworm control and are safe and effective.

You can kill woodworm by surface spraying the infested area or, by using the specially designed injector to apply the treatment right into the flight holes.
This may include the use of insecticides applied via spray, brush, trowel or injection methods. Surface applications and finishes such as stain, oil, paint or white wash will usually have to be removed for successful Timber Treatment. Coupled with our own commitment to low volume waste production and recycling, you will be safe in the knowledge that any Woodworm treatment completed by Protectahome will be carried out with safety, environmental care and sustainability at the forefront of our mind, Contact Us now on 0845 601 1980.
Should the piece of furniture be infested with woodworm, suitable anti-woodworm treatment using a liquid is performed. This allows small surface imperfections to be corrected, such as woodworm holes, nails and small cracks. This is the last phase in the process, which will give the piece of furniture its final appearance; it is therefore performed with the greatest care. The treatments, which can be used in the home and garden, include a woodworm spray in three sizes.

Our Technical Surveyors are best placed to advise upon the delivery techniques to be employed to treat Woodworm and any limitations that may apply. It is applied using a syringe or a brush and owing to its characteristics, it penetrates deep into the wood, allowing it to reach even the insects that are deep down. The new parts are carved using wood of the same type and often of the same period, following the style and form of the piece and applying them with period glues like animal glue in order to maintain the original construction technique as far as possible.
The paint can no longer be recovered when the condition of the piece is particularly bad or when there is an intention to apply a different finish to the existing one, the paint is removed using alcohol, synthetic paint removers or caustic soda. Gilding consists in applying fine pure gold leaf to the piece and is used principally for frames, ornamentation, statues and detailing on pieces of furniture.

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