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But now I’m concerned about how I want to finish my woodburned art goodness, so search I did, and I found good information that I will now share with you. Of course the most fun was actually trying the polish on wood, which I did immediately upon deciding that I had waited long enough, dangit! One of my pieces (the anatomical heart below) is on really light basswood, and I was concerned that the polish would change the color of the wood.
Yes, I know, coming from someone who would rather paint furniture almost 100% of the time it’s hard to believe but yes I can appreciate a beautiful wood piece and do like touches of wood in my house. Before I did any painting though, I wanted to take care of any stripping or sanding that would need to be done to the wood top, to keep my mess to a minimum and possible risks of dust settling into the paint. I picked up this paint and varnish remover from Amazon and sprayed it all over the entire top of the table including the rounded edges.

Now that I had a nice clean wood table top, I could really see some of the major scratches that were in the table top.
I decided I would tackle the painting aspect of this project first, so I mixed together my trusty home made chalk paint recipe using Olympic flat paint called Light Sage. After doing the base coat of old white, I then applied the light sage to the legs and to the side wood skirting on the table top. I had worried that varnishing or spraying this piece would make it too shiny and detract from the aesthetic, so I was pleased to confirm that this homemade polish was a good solution.
I started off using a 100 grit sandpaper to get off all the thick wood putty and any rough areas but then finished it off with a finger 220 grit sandpaper to give it a final smooth finish. Luckily, I tested first, and I decided to use the polish only on the outline and interior of the heart (and not the background)…which made it a slightly darker shade than the wood, as shown in the photo below.

When you are staining wood furniture and the directions tell you to wipe away the excess stain within a few minutes…please do it. As beat up as it was, it was sturdy as all get out and the solid wood top was heavy and I could see through the nasty and envision the beautiful wood it could be. I’m really glad I did this because there are imperfections in the wood on the legs that let the base color show through and I would not have been happy if that was black.
If you have excess stain sitting on top of your wood furniture that doesn’t soak into the wood, your surface will be sticky.

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