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In either case, after she bought the mattress it was inevitable that a new bed would be needed. The first choice was easy as we’ve been using a platform foundation for years and would never go back. After looking at the outrageous prices asked for commercially available platform beds the second question was fairly easy to answer as well. The PDF drawings of the bed, including a cut list for the plywood and MDF, are attached below.

Once you have the corner supports glued you can place the head & foot boards on the ground in the appropriate places relative to the crossmember lattice you already have in place. If you want to get fancy, though, you can cut some toe clamps out of extra hardwood that you have lying around. Now put the 2 platform sections on top of the bed frame and you’ve got your platform bed frame completed!
Once the plywood goes on the outside it will keep it in place, and the screw won’t generally spin once you start to tighten it.

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