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Garrett Hack has been making furniture for forty years--beginning not long after he graduated from Princeton with a dual degree in civil engineering and architecture.
As in woodworking, where he relies on well-honed hand skills (and hand tools) for much of the critical work on his furniture, he does nearly all his farmwork without the aid of machines, relying instead on his Belgian work horse, Jazz, for nearly all his plowing and planting and harvesting. In this slide show, a wide range of Hack's furniture pieces blend with photos of the buildings and animals and fields that surround him on the farm. AEW writes: I lived in southwest NH for many years and followed Garrett's work and life style the entire time. RDCwood writes: I have followed Garret's work in Fine woodworking for some time, and admire his philosophy of the craft and this slide show is the cap on all I have seen.

The slide show illustrates an equilibrium and peace in Garret's life, which is what we all aspire and look for, but seldom attain. I've had the privilege to take several courses with Garret and have learned an incredible amount that apply weekly to my woodworking.
Stu in Tokyo writes: Wonderful slideshow, I very much enjoyed it, as we enjoyed having Garrett visit us and teach here in Japan. Follow Fine Woodworking senior editor Jon Binzen as he travels North America in search of the best woodworkers on the continent.
Garrett is not only a master craftsman and designer of top quality work but is just a class act.

But more importantly Garret is a true gentleman, generous with his knowledge and respectful of our planet.

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