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If you want to change the appearance of your home, possibly to update or modernize it, staining wood paneling is a simple way to do just that. Finishing any wooden fixtures in your house will bring out the natural colors of the wood, giving your home a delightful feeling of rusticness and modernity at once. If you are staining wood paneling which is already installed, clear the floor below the paneling and lay down paitner’s tarp. If you are staining panels which have yet to be installed, lay each piece of wood paneling on a flat, level surface where it is safe to work, such as on a work bench in your garage.2.
If you do not know if your wood paneling has been wax, play it safe and use the wax remover anyway.4.

If your wood paneling is made of a soft wood like cedar or pine, you may want to use a clear conditioner.
Soft woods can drain color from your stain, but a clear conditioner can help to prevent this.7. Paint the clear conditioner onto your wood paneling before you apply the stain using a clean paint brush.8. Read the package of your clear conditioner to learn how much time to wait before applying your stain, usually you should wait about fifteen minutes.9. Note that when you stain the wood paneling, it will appear lighter than you mixture will appear in the paint can.10.

Apply more coats of stain as necessary.Find A Painting ProfessionalIf you want your wood paneling to be stained professionally, you can contact a professional painter to stain your wood paneling for you.

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