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I was sad, and rather angered to hear that the BA Furniture Making course at Leeds Art College is to close, this follows news of staff cuts on the Furniture foundation degree at the London College of Furniture .
The closure of the Leeds course means that there is no degree course in furniture making offered north of Watford.
The loss of making courses in higher education is being compounded by the demise of Craft Design Technology (CDT) in schools. Shane Skelton of Skelton Saws will be demonstrating saw sharpening techniques on the Chris Tribe Furniture Courses stand at the forthcoming woodworking exhibition at Harrogate. Whether you seriously want to design your own clothes, or just fancy customising a few pieces, Leeds offers a massive range of courses, classes and places to look for advice when setting about DIY fashion. Similarly Leeds College of Art and Design run a few part-time courses, but you have to look into their current range available.
Leeds-List uses cookies to improve your visit through personalisation, advertising and analytics. Having offered HNDs for years, the college entered the degree arena in 2005 with a foundation degree in furniture making and a route to a BA via an associated course in furniture making that next year changes to give graduates a BA Hons in 3D Design (Furniture). In the second year the focus is on batch and mass production, about working to price and opening up students' eyes to the possibility of making other than high-end furniture.
Career changersThe courses attract a high proportion of mature students, and ages range on the current year's intake from 20 to 43.

The courses run to a maximum of 18 and each student is virtually guaranteed his or her own workbench. Also my daughter is a student on the formerly highly respected BA Embroidery course at Manchester Metropolitan University, this is also to close. I know CDT is a shadow of the former woodwork and metalwork that those over 40 can probably remember from school, but at least there was some making involved. These courses are of a higher level and you could come out with a qualification worthy of a future career. Samuel Taylors is one of the oldest and arguably the best haberdashery in Leeds, located just behind House of Fraser on Central Road. Hardly surprising, then, that for some of the smaller colleges, which have been struggling of late to fill their furniture-making courses, this remains a dream. While the college teaches the basics, students are expected to research the more complex techniques as part of their personal learning, in so doing earning extra marks for pushing their personal envelopes, so I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised to see one student concentrating furiously as he painstakingly worked out how to cut houndstooth dovetails only eight weeks or so into the course. We have some really well-equipped workshops here and we want to hang on to woodwork skills and furniture making is ideal for maintaining that. Instead you get workshops kitted out with all the tools and machines you are likely to need, the advantage of a tutor who also runs his own workshop and has a long history of making his own living designing and building furniture, and oodles of encouragement.
To get a professional training one will have to relocate to the south east or south west and pay for a private course, an option available perhaps to ex bankers,  but not for a young person wanting to follow a passion for making things.

When asked why they have come on the course, to a person it was that they wanted to get away from the desk and computer for a few days and actually MAKE SOMETHING. Now though, designing, altering and creating your own clothes with regular trips to your favourite haberdashery in Leeds is nothing to be laughed at, it just means no one else is going to be wearing your unique creation. They hold workshops on upholstery, furniture making and jewellery design amongst other things, and you can also learn about t-shirt screen printing in Leeds. But watch these pages in two years' time, because if Leeds College of Art & Design doesn't have a stand at the London show it won't be for want of trying. We will be a sad country if opportunities for self fulfillment through making become the reserve of the wealthy. This is the reason why there are so many crafts courses like mine springing up all over the country, textiles, woodwork, jewellery making, ceramics the list goes on. Six-week courses are available from September, throughout the day and also in the evenings to fit around your schedule.

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