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RawHide GazetteAble free to try, but there were on-line lessons on coloring, techniques and other items that related to leather as well as wood carving.
Memorial &Gifting OpportunitiesINFANT BAPTISMAL FONT A free-flowing form, sculpted of Carraramarbleand representing the movement of living waters. Theban Magickal AlphabetIt is very powerful, and you can use it on your BOS, carving the letters on stone or wood as an amulet, or for candle spells.

The Cutting EdgeIce carving competitively during the winter, and transferred many of his techniques from ice carving to wood.
Handicraft – Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaThe Medieval period of Indian history in the context of handicrafts showed a marked shift from north India to the Deccan and southern parts of the country, though the handicraftsmen under the Delhi Sultanate period flourished in the field of pottery, weaving, wood carving, metal working, jewelry, etc. Sandwiching In HistoryAltar, pulpit, lectern, baptismal font: These are hand-carved wood pieces from Germany and were painted to look marbleized.

MARLIN CM-614 WOOD CARVERMount the pattern and the material to be carved securely to the machine base.

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