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No, they want to mix it up and create fluidity by designating one accent wall to carry the precious weight of wood flooring in vertical, horizontal or slanted styles.In this way we can redefine the term floor to ceiling. And like the days of our adolescence when our readily handy excuse for getting caught saying something wrong was quipped smartly, “Oh.
Prelude: Whichever way you choose to install the flooring the wall needs to be prepared as if it were a floor. As if furniture will scuff it, as if it will hold a baby grand, and as if it were an optimal walking path.
Opening Scene: Measure and use nylon string to determine if you could have a structural issue such as warped walls. It will even out irregularities, but will offer an anchor for your flooring securing it for years with a dependable surface.3.

The circular motion of the screw as it winds its way into the wood leaving a few splints to fly through the air is a guarantee that not only will your plywood stick, so will your flooring. The Grand Finale: Using another cast member called the level, begin installing your flooring as if it were real flooring.
And just as you would stagger your joints on your floor, so will you stagger the joints on the wall.
So pull up a chair, pull on some sleek click clack shoes and kick up those heels against your new flooring, I mean wall.

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