Festool Planer 65,Diy Bed Plans Free,Diy Dvd Cabinet Plans - Downloads 2016

Conventional handheld planers with straight knife cutterheads are both noisy and can leave chatter marks in the cut. So many trimming and planing tasks require working in awkward and sometimes difficult to reach areas.
When planing carcasses, trim, panels, or doors, the one-handed EHL 65 is both ergonomic, as well as powerful. Being able to control the planer with one hand allows easy access for challenging cuts, while leaving one hand free to help secure the material.

Festool planers feature single-knife spiral cutterheads that sheer-cut the material for a cleaner, smoother cut that is ready to glue or finish. With depth control that can be adjusted on-the-fly, spiral cutterhead, and 720 watts (6.0 Amps) the EHL 65 planer fits the bill for most planing applications. Not only does the EHL 65 planer allow for one handed use, it also produces clean and smooth shear cuts.
This design also reduces noise levels associated with planing for less user strain and greater comfort.

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