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Turn the pages to find out about the proud Wood Floor of the Year winners who collected their trophies at the NWFA convention in San Diego at the end of April. Installing a wood floor in a place where lots of powerful, high-ranking government officials meet is great marketing.
He's been in the wood flooring business in Florida since 1984, and he has some words to live by: "The moisture meter won't fail you if you use it right," he says. In fact, Simpson ended up with this job after a different wood flooring contractor ran into trouble and had to be replaced on another one of the builder's jobs. As the customer wanted something different around the perimeter of the room, a santos mahogany border stained to match the mahogany on the windows was installed.

The resulting products debuted to rave reviews at Surfaces in 2009, and now have garnered top honors from NWFA members, as well, with the company's first Wood Floor of the Year award. Beckwith's products have particularly caught the eyes of architects and designers doing commercial work, but the winning Wood Floor of the Year project happens to be a living room in a high-end residence. That particular pattern was one Beckwith spotted on a stone church floor in France-she saw it and immediately fell to her knees to trace it with a piece of paper, which she took home to replicate in wood.Although Beckwith still has her interior design business, she says her wood collection, which can be installed on floors or walls, is now her passion. Rather, he's a chemist who, at the suggestion of a friend in the construction business, ended up sanding wood floors on the weekends, hauling around his sander and edger in the back of a Toyota Corolla wagon.
When that proved more lucrative than his chemistry career, Anderson took the leap to doing wood floors full time, and another leap came when he connected with Tom Osborn of Mosaic Hardwood Floors.

He used squares of plywood as fulcrum points against which to bend the wood-he didn't steam the boards or get them wet in any way-then kept nailing the floor from there.
To ensure the new floor would have dimensional stability, Sidorov specified it with rift and quartered wood.
At the job site, the GC applied a leveling compound over the radiant heating system and then Sidorov's crew glued down the wood.

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