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I published a post not long ago about an inexpensive Programmable DIY Mechanical Music Box that uses paper strips to program the song to be played.Here is its upscale cousin -- the Gloggomobil, made by Naef, a swiss company. Not for automata makers specifically -- the mechanisms found in Making Wooden Mechanical Models could well be used for automata, provided the reader has a bit of ingenuity.The models themselves are nicely proportioned and well designed.
Here is a piece by artist Jason Lane entitled Dragon With Flapping Wings.He has created a series of mechanical sculptures ranging from hand-propelled works to a large scale human hamster wheel which generates electricity and plays old fairground organ music.

Beautiful color photos in the center of the book demonstrate the skill the authors have great in fabricating with wood. Player pianos used a similar principle, but the notes were recorded on large sheets of paper, where a holes were punched in the paper to indicate which note strikes and when.
In theory you can program your music box to play everything from classical, to country, to heavy metal, to TV commercial jingles.In this kit, you get the music box mechanism (2 octaves in the key of C), the specialized hole punch, "Happy Birthday" pre-punched song strip, 3 blank song strips, and instructions.

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