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This week I am finishing the layout chores for “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest,” and we are on schedule to send it to the printer on April 15.
The funny thing about the above conversation (and about a dozen more like it) is that “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” is not a book that is going to try to talk you into building a traditional tool chest. Chris since you started posting about the tool chest I have been building along with you based on the photos and I love my new Anarchist’s Tool Chest.
I was lucky enough to be present at the Altanta debut of your Anarchist’s Tool Chest presentation. I inherited my grandfather’s tool chest, along with some of the tools he kept after retiring from pattern-making.
I’m not sure traditional tool chests are that practical for my style of working wood. Like many of the other guys, I have my great-grandfather’s tool chest with what remains of his woodworking tools.

I too am looking forward to reading your new book as is my Wife, you know, the one that was happy to hear that I only need to buy 40 tools at the NWA show in Saratoga Springs, NY.
My great Grandfathers tool chest was stolen from a moving van in a move across the country.
Barring a plague of locusts, that means the book should be shipping the first week of June. That’s because the tool chest is actually a metaphor for what this book is really about: Assembling a reasonable kit of tools so you can be a woodworker instead of a budding tool collector. I am interested in your discussion on the philosophy of being tool users and not collectors.
So my brother-in-law and his son can’t easily get to tools that cost more than they earn in a year. I live in Seattle and keeping tools enclosed, where I can better control moisture, would be a big positive.

All except the mechanic’s tool box that I keep to hold wrenches, pliers, side cutters, sockets, drives etc. There wasn’t going to be a workshop, but at least my tools still had there small place in my world. Once we moved to a house where I could have a workshop, my tools were all ready to go right in the shop. It is evident that you’ve invested large amounts of physical and mental resources from your tool chest related posts on this blog. Now my tools are on the wall and in a toolbox, but the chest now houses my kids outdoor equipment.

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