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CATS LOVE THIS FURNITUREThis product incorporates the features of Cat Houses, Cat Condos, Climbing Trees, and Scratching Posts. Every person that ever owned a cat knows love to look over their territory from a high vantage point and since they are predatory animals, they love to hunt and sharpen their claws on almost any vertical and slightly hard surface, for example, your favorite sofa.
There is no doubt this thing is a custom made cat tree, and I am unsure if you will be able to get your own.
We all know that cats have made their noise on the interwebs, and that YouTube is literally littered with them being all cute and funny.

Having a cat tree and a scratch post is a perfect solution, but they tend to cost hundreds of dollars. It’s a huge piece, and I must say that if I was as big of a Star Trek fan as I am a Star Wars fan, I would literally buy myself a cat just to get one of these.
So, to save you some grief and some money, we offer you the top 10 DIY cat tree projects that you can do with cheap material, a bit of effort and a lot of love. They never seem to end, and the flood of the things that cats apparently do is just endless.

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