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Cardboard is not difficult to find – all home appliances or pieces of furniture are packed in those. Many children like to play with cardboard boxes and you can come up with super creative ideas for DIY cardboard furniture.
Follow the step-by-step instructions provided here to create this kitty abode using the simplest materials and tools. First of all, such pieces of furniture are absolutely safe for the children and in addition, kids could decorate them as they wish.

The name speaks for itself – these are furniture pieces made of ordinary cardboard packaging.
Usually cardboard consists of many layers and the more layers it has, the stronger it is which makes it a perfect material for home craft projects. If you want to work on a DIY cardboard furniture project you will need a stationery knife for cutting the cardboard, a scalpel or an electric jigsaw a pencil, ruler, a strong glue, as well as some paper tape.
We have collected some interesting DIY cardboard furniture ideas to show you how you could use this unusual material in various ways.

A cardboard can be transformed into a castle with no expense at all and be sure – the kids are going to love it! Beginners may start with a smaller project and make a small table or a shelf or even with some children’s furniture.

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