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To read our general reviews and see an excellent video on turning, scroll to the bottom of the page.
If you already know which lathe you would like, the best prices always seem to be at Amazon and in most cases, include free shipping and no sales tax. But if you’re a first time lathe user and you want to make a variety of things, consider the mini lathe. For the money, you will probably get more features and a better motor on a good mini lathe that on the lower quality full sized lathe.
If budget is a concern, also realize that accessories and even the wood are typically less that what you would use on the full size lathe.

How the lathe is attached (it’s really important to attach it to something sturdy) makes a huge difference in the amount of vibration.  If you can, use the manufactures stand because it was created to be used with that tool. There seem to be as many chucks and accessories for holding the wood as there are ways to cut.  This is a rather large topic and I will probably add pages discussing this in the near future.
But for now use the lathe, get a feel for what you like to turn and then buy chucks for that purpose. Cheap tools don’t cut well, are dangerous and will make you experience of wood turning miserable. Today’s mini lathes have enough power to turn about anything you want short of very long pieces.

You’ll then also have two lathes that you can use for different and specific functions.

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