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You are eye-to-eye with the animal, which can increase the difficulty of harvesting a deer or turkey.
The first thing you will need to do is find the location for your deer or turkey hunting blind. One of my favorite ground hunting blinds to make and deer hunt from is made of natural materials gathered from my hunting land. When deer and turkeys approach hunting blinds made of natural materials…like downed trees, branches, grasses and shrubs…they seem to be a bit more at ease.
Since you will be turkey hunting and deer hunting with a buddy in the same ground blind I suggest you go with the 8x8 option. They are easy to pack in to your turkey hunting and deer hunting areas, take seconds to set up and will offer you shelter from the elements.
When selecting a portable hunting blind look for one with a scent blocking lining and a black interior.
After setting up your portable hunting blind, use natural grasses, twigs and shrubs to help conceal the blind. If you are seeing a few deer droppings and not seeing a deer trail nearby, the deer in the area could be using that particular location sporadically as they run through. Another possible exception is if the droppings are in the middle of a deer food plot or feeding area.
Set up a deer hunting tree stand in the woods between the open field and the thick, gnarly bedding area. Taking into consideration these possible exceptions, if you do not see any deer trails near the deer droppings consider putting your deer hunting tree stand in a better location. The reason I ask this is because if you were to build a shooting house or an elevated hunting enclosure and needed a ramp, the space needed for the ramp would be quite expansive. There are ways to keep the costs down when building an elevated hunting enclosure by choosing less expensive building materials. The "legs" of my stand will be made of 6 x 6 green treated lumber set 4 feet on the ground.
When ever I hunt I always wear all rubber boots that I have purchased specifically for hunting. 1.) Buy a package of scent wicks from your local sporting goods store and a bottle of deer scent.

I can understand your concern about a buck following your scent trail from the truck and someone pulling up on the road and shooting the deer. Hello Marty forgive me if i don`t spell all the words right im french so take it from there ah ah .I would like to know someting about tree stand. The reason i did not bag one I only bag 5 deer in my life all doe and i was hoping this time to get one. There are many variables in determining whether or not your stand is located in the spot where a big buck may be present. If the does have not started to go into the estrous cycle yet, chances are a buck may not be close by.
When a doe is ready to breed, it usually prefers no other company from other deer except the suitor buck. When I know the does are starting to come into the estrous cycle and are beginning to think about breeding, I start to implement calling, rattling and the use of attractant scents. I am building a ground blind for this years turkey and deer seasons and would like to know if you would happen to have any building plans.
Currently my deer hunting land is covered in a blanket of snow and the ground is frozen solid.
The more natural you can make the portable hunting blind appear, the more natural the animals will react to its presence. If you are hunting over a rock outcropping, there could be plenty of deer activity in the area, but the rock’s surface will not show tracks. If the droppings were found in an opening or food source area, start walking the edges of the opening.
If the area you hunt has no humans walking around in it in the off season, then the scent left behind may cause the deer to not travel that trail as much. You will familiarize yourself even more with the woods you hunt and it could help the local deer get more accustomed to your scent come hunting season.
My problem is wednesday and today thursday i stayed in the tree stand and did not see nothing . Nervousness and looking to where they had come from tells that something may be following them. As long as you did not chase or spook the deer out of the area, I am reasonably comfortable thinking you will see them again.

Any wrong movement from a ground blind or unnatural noises are sure to be noticed causing the deer or turkey to bolt, usually before a good shot can be made. If you are able to, set up a trail camera or cameras in three or four different locations prior to setting up your hunting blind. The hunting blind I use has a rear access door which makes getting into and out of the blind easier.
If you can see trails leading into or away from the rock, and are seeing other deer sign like rubs or scrapes, the rock could be a good place to hunt over. IT is going to be a fun experience for us all here at home during the next year in the plans and buildig of the blind we want to use for hunting!! I have walked on trails with my tennis shoes, work boots, snow pacs and all rubber hunting boots. I have had bucks follow me right to my stand head down sniffing the trail I had just left behind me. If it is from the truck I`m scare that if the deer start sniffing from my truck other hunters might drive in and shoot my buck . As I had stated, the deer seem pretty used to my scent and will walk their trails even after I have been walking on them. We will access the structure by using stairs with "switchbacks" this will cut down on the ground space and keep the steps from being too steep. Any deer walking on the trails that would cross the ones you are walking on could decide to investigate the scent and virtually follow you to your stand. When the does start to go into estrous, the bucks will come out of the wood work to chase them. I hunt in a oak trees area right by a little 30 feet wide brook and my stand is right on the other side of it. At least once a week, more if you can, during the off season get out and hike through your hunting area. So i started fresh and you wouldn`t believe how many mistakes I`ve done but also learned about it.

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