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Mark the end of our stairs with a stake driven in at the point where the bottom riser will sit. Starting from the outside corner of the square, find the mark that indicates the dimension of your tread. Starting from the same point, locate the mark that matches the dimension of your rise on the other “leg” of the square. Position them so that the top end rests against the bottom of the deck boards, with one flat face against the inside of the rim joist, or deck face plate. Attach a piece of 2x6 horizontally along the bottom edge of the rim joist across the width of the stairs. Fit the Stringers so that the back angle of the top fits flush against the face of the stair stringer you installed.
Drop blocks for stair support are fastened to the back of the front faceplate or outside joist.

To create composite deck stairs, use the same construction techniques described for standard stairs.
Landings are used to break up the run of the stairs and often to change the stair direction.
Be sure to off set the centre stair stringer if lights are being installed into the risers of the steps.
Deduct 1 ?” or thickness of the kick plate off of the top of the back of the stringer which allows for the front kick plate. Now, step back and revel in the pleasure that you built and installed your own deck stair gate!  Of course, there are many different ways to build a deck gate.  There are fancier and more complicated designs, but if your main purpose is to have an inexpensive gate that you can build yourself, then this is a perfect deck stair gate for you!  I built this exact design about a year ago and installed it on the other set of steps and the gate is still in perfect shape so this is a tried and true design that has had no warping to date! While I wanted to click on your white wine sangria recipe first, I knew this post was more imperative because of the fact that our deck gate is currently hanging by a thread. Thanks for the excellent tutorial , will be building this for my new pool deck today , I have just 1 extra tip for this.

This adds strength to the stringers, boxes in the stairs, and closes in the space under the bottom rail to meet building code. You can easily build your own desk stair gate with these simple step by step instructions and a few, easy to find materials.  No woodworking experience necessary! Work carefully to ensure the stringer height is spaced properly down from the top of the deck and level.

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