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But just prior to being stationed in Charleston in 1859 at Fort Moultrie (as an assignment in his career service in the Regular Army), Doubleday was posted in Florida at Fort Dallas – in the area of modern-day Miami.                 .
Doubleday, with his wife Mary, arrived at Fort Dallas on the west side of the Key Biscayne Bay. Posted by Randy Buchman on January 30, 2012 in Abner Doubleday and tagged Abner Doubleday, Fort Dallas Florida, Seminole Wars.

A paradigm of their operations called for one company to guard the post while the other was away on an expedition. It was to such an assignment that Abner Doubleday was dispatched with his company.  Though Bowlegs would eventually surrender with a mere contingent of 40 warriors in May of 1858, agreeing to leave for Oklahoma with about 165 of his tribe, the operation was largely very unsuccessful.

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