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Its been awhile since I have come across wood fastening hardware that is cost friendly, functional and beautiful all in one breath. Rafter Clips make cross sections stronger and give added beauty to any wood roof rafter system. We have been very pleased with our customers feedback on the Ornamental Wood Ties that we offer across Canada to both home improvement contractors and homeowners. They were developed to use mainly in outdoor structures such as pergolas, covered porches, wood posts and railings.

They are a premium wood fastening product and can add significant beauty to any woodworking project. If you would like to get further information about the ornamental wood ties please feel free to contact Otter Creek Forest Products at 1-800-981-3590. Unlike conventional wood ties, OWT™ hardware is attractive and does not require extra labor and materials to conceal them. OWT™ hardware most commonly used to construct pergolas, arbors, pavilions and decks; but with a little imagination the uses are endless.

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