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Remove the miter saw from its place on the bench and place the full length of the DECK on the top of the BASE, even with the front edge of the RIBS.
Move the saw to the center of the BASE, place the front aluminum angles under the feet of the saw. The miter saw and bench are to be used by responsible woodworkers, 18 years of age or older.
To place the saw in its holder, lift the saw and tilt the front legs of the saw into the pins coming through the 1x1 aluminum angle brackets.
Using a framing square, measure (9) inches from the front edge of the plywood to the fence of the saw.
The saw sits back from the front of the BASE the distance you measured in [1.a], the distance from the front edge of the plywood to the front feet of the saw. Cut (4) pieces of (1x1x⅛) inch aluminum angle (4) inches long (or longer if the saw's feet are wide. Position the holes at the ends of the angles, so that the pop rivets will not interfere with the saw's feet.

Drill a (#25) hole through the aluminum angles and into the center of the front feet miter saw.
Set the miter saw in its place on the BASE, slide the aluminum angles under the saw's feet. Check to make sure that the front feet of the saw and other parts of the saw are at least (2) inches on the plywood.
The aluminum angle should be (2) inches wider than the saw's feet ) and place one of them under each leg of the miter saw base. When the DECK is placed on top of the RIBS, the electric backing will be (½) inch back from the edge of the DECK. Place the short DECK on the right side of the bench and the longer DECK on the left side of the bench.
You will need at least (3) inches between the saw and the RIBS for your hand to move the wood that you will be cutting.
Center the miter saw between the two RIBS, and the saw should be the [1.a] distance from the front of the BASE.

The width of the BASE is the distance from the front edge of the plywood to (2) inches past the back feet or projecting brace of the saw. If it is a compound miter saw, then tilt the saw to (45) degrees and swing the arm to see if the RIBS are in the right place. Also, measure the distance from the front edge of the plywood to the front feet of the saw. Cut the left fence the length of the left DECK or the length of the DECK minus any projection of the saw base. Pop rivet a (4) inch aluminum angle on each side of the front feet to keep the saw from moving side-to-side. If someday you have to re-align the saw, do it by moving the DECKS, not the saw in its holder.

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