Compass Orbital Planes,Accuscribe Woodworking Scribing Tool,Wood Gear Clock Kit - Review

I haven't used a compass plane a heck of a lot and the only style I have any real experience with is this one which works pretty well for me.
I just wonder if other folk have experience with other types of adjustable or fixed compass planes. Actually this is a pretty opportune thread, as I'm considering a building a oak framed sofa*, with a curved open back and sides, and a compass plane would be a good solution.

Don't worry Tom, I have a humble Stanley Block plane too, and after reading the advice on this forum about tuning and sharpening, it now produces lovely, whispy shavings off even the nastiest end grain. Barry, I think it would spoil the present plane to attach anything to the sole - it is a nice plane and I don't want to risk messing it up. Assuming that you can attach it to the plane, and that the blade will project far enough to cut, this would give you the radius you need.

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