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Description:For construction use, the function of the 3 layer shuttering panel is the same as film faced plywood, in various countries, constructions adopt alternative film faced plywood, shuttering plywood, or 3 layer shuttering panels. Description:Our company specializes in manufacturing various kind of plywood for furniture , floor base use and blockboard, such as white birch,full poplar, full pine, mature birch, maple,red oak and so on. Description:The product is made of high quality poplar, hardwood or birch, film faced or not.

Description:we are the chinese plywood manufacturer,we can offer you okoume plywood, bintangor plywood, pine plywood, hardwood plywood, birch plywood,1. Description:Bamboo concrete form is a new plywood used in concrete construction to replace timber plywood, steel plywood. Its good property of static bend intensity make it better than wood plywood, and can be recycle used 5-10 more times than timber plywood.

Is a company specialized in designing, manufacturing and developing various sorts of plywood., blockboard, film-faced plywood, particle board, melamined board, MDF and any other plywood.

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