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My cantilever inspiration for my first design - note the close spacing of the posts and bracing (including wires run down the backs of posts) to distribute the load. Our first pergola (8x16x 9 or 10 feet tall - our foundation was raised and this got the roof up over the french doors). I think these may somehow all be linked together, because you can tell on the most current version of our pergola sketch (the top one) you can actually see in the windows of the downstairs - he can click around and suddenly we are looking at the floor plan of our living room.
Reviving this thread as we began construction on our pergola this weekend and hit a few snags I am hoping some more experienced members can help with.

We built a pergola at our old house about 10 years ago, calling on every brother-in-law and spare relative we could find, and LOVED the results. Initial versions of the pergola didn't show that, just blank windows, so I know he plays with it on occasion.
We've been in our new house about two-and-a-half years, and we miss that pergola every time we go in our backyard - the pool is great and all, but it's no pergola! Our pergola has knee braces (like on your cantilever pictures), they help considerably with wind resistance and racking loads.

All will be based on the same plan we used for our old pergola, which was a schematic from a Family Handyman magazine, I believe. PB says he does all his pergolas with the metal plate anchors and it keeps the posts from rotting (obviously a plus).

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