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A quilt, by definition, is simply two layers of cloth stitched together with a soft filling. Considering their separatist nature, it is not surprising that most Amish came to quilting later than other American women. The style of their quilts naturally followed the style of their clothing, combining somber and drab colors with more vivid ones.
Because they approach change gradually, Amish quilters have helped keep alive some of America’s most beloved and traditional patterns, including Sunshine and Shadow, Around the World, Diamond in the Square, and the multi-hued Roman Stripe. Modern quilter and fabric designer Denyse Schmidt has created a stunning modern courthouse steps variation quilt in her recent book, Modern Quilts, Traditional Inspiration. Our quilt club is currently making a red, white, and blue scrappy log cabin block quilt for Quilts of Valor. Log cabin quilt designs are always a favorite with beginning quilters and expert quilters alike.
Make a small quilt designed with a combination of applique pitcher blocks and the traditional Courthouse Steps, a variation of the Log Cabin design. Log Cabin quilt patterns have many variations, most of which are dependent upon the fabrics you choose. Log Cabin Quilt Designs Log Cabin Quilt Patterns Using Rustic Quilts in Log and Timber Homes.
This beautiful log cabin quilt in sage greens and burgundies was inspired by the colors of the Battenkill and its environs.

Very well made and it will be perfect in my vintage travel trailer, for which this quilt is setting the entire color scheme. Though mainly known today as bedcoverings, the word quilt is thought to come from the Latin culcita, meaning literally a "stuffed sack," or mattress. But whatever their route, by the 17th century quilted clothing and quilted bedcovers had become popular in Europe and the tradition naturally immigrated to America. This juxtaposition of colors, especially when played out in simple geometric designs, created quilts of amazing energy.
According to quilt historian Barbara Brackman, log cabin quilts are mentioned in Ohio State Fair records as early as 1863 and are mentioned again in 1868. While nineteenth century quilters often used dark fabrics and wools for their log cabin quilts, quilters today use a variety of fabrics in creating their cabin quilts. This method is reminiscent of the early quilters creating their blocks on the foundation muslin. Also Modern Log Cabin Quilting: 25 Simple Quilts and Patchwork Projects gives quilters lots of options for creating log cabin quilts. I quilted mine with an allover meandering loopy stitch using white Coats & Clark quilting thread and my free motion foot. I got in the quilting mood as I watched it and am going to make your lovely projet with some pastels that twere given to me.
However, when it arrived the color were quite muddy and the quilt itself was rough cotton that you wouldn't want around your face.

It was there that the tradition of quilting was raised to an art form with the quilting explosion of the mid 1800s.
And it was the Amish, when quilting waned in the years following World War II, who helped keep the tradition alive. The quarter-log cabin block is similar to the traditional block except that strips are only added to two sides of the beginning square which ends up in the lower right hand corner of the block. I've come up with an easy quilt project for you, featuring one of my favorite types of blocks: the improvised log cabin. The only thing that should remain the same for this design is to use the same fabric for the last tier of each of your blocks. Trim off the excess batting and backing fabric using a rotary cutter and straight edge, and square up the sides of the quilt if needed.
Although there are limitless possibilities for setting cabin blocks, some of the most popular settings for cabin quilts have been named including: Barn Raising, Sunshine and Shadow, and Straight Furrow.
It's a fun way to make quilts, and I think it's a great exercise in creativity for those of you who typically tend to follow patterns while quilt making. Using the same fabric for the last tier of the log cabin eliminates the need for traditional sashing and borders.

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