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Unlike other types of shelving units, building garage shelves is done for practical purposes.
When building garage shelves, the goal is to build something that is sturdy and will not sag.
Building your own garage shelves has a few advantages, strength, and cost being the biggest factors.
Usually the only requirements for garage shelving are to be sturdy, and hold a lot of stuff.

Our goal is to make shelves that can store your heaviest items without sagging, or leaning in any way.
Once everything is measured and drawn on the wall, installing the shelves should go pretty smooth. Cut them so it touches the floor, and goes ?” above the highest horizontal line to allow yourself room to screw on the shelves later. If you were buying a shelving unit, typically they would be some kind of metal, usually aluminum.

The number will probably not come out even, in which case you’ll have to make a couple of the shelves a bit smaller. Starting from the floor to the ceiling, measure the amount you wish for each shelve and draw a horizontal line to connect the dots.

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