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When we first got news that we were going to have a baby back in 2009 I really wanted to do something special for our child. One part of the process that was painstakingly long and repetitive was making the mortise and tenon joints for all the slats on the side of the crib. It was a very rewarding experience and one thing that was pretty cool was that both my Dad and Janna’s Dad helped me in building the crib. July 18, 2013 by lakeerieartists Leave a Comment If you happen to be expecting a baby or grandchild and are pretty handy with do it yourself projects, consider the idea of building your own crib. Having an heirloom crib in the family is truly special and really symbolizes the love of a family through the generations. If you plan on designing your own DIY crib pattern, make sure that the slats are spaced safely apart to avoid little heads or feet getting caught in them. To make this particular crib, or one like it, you should have the necessary tools on hand before beginning the project. When you decide to build your own crib, you are doing more than just an ordinary do it yourself project. Unfortunately a few months after building the crib, a new law was passed banning drop gate cribs (I think manufacturers started making them too cheap). A DIY crib can be made to look just like one purchased at a baby specialty store, or the design could come solely from your own imagination. Imagine having your newborn baby sleeping in a crib that was handcrafted by their great grandfather for their grandmother, and so on. Also, make sure to use safe products that can be used around an infant that may be teething on the crib when they get a bit older, such as plastic teething guards.

This plan is designed by Bob Belke for the American Furniture Design Company, and is a standard Mission style crib that features two sliding sides as well as an adjustable mattress frame. Building a baby crib sounded like a fun challenge and would be something that could stay around for a while.
Once planed I had to edge one side so that I could cut the other side straight.If I tried to elaborate on everything I had to learn to do the build the crib this would be a super long post. Also, if you are trying to save money by building a crib, be aware that you will only save money when you compare the costs to an identical crib made with the same materials and craftsmanship.
Imagine over the years how many members and generations of the family have slept, or will sleep in this particular crib.
If you're not quite ready to design the plans for the crib, there are patterns and plans that can be found online. After you have used the crib for each of your own children, imagine giving it to each adult child to pass around as their own children are born, with the youngest grandchild always being the one with the crib in their home.
For wood to be dry enough for furniture building, it needs to be at about 8% moisture content. By researching some of the common flaws found in manufactured baby cribs, you can avoid these pitfalls that have caused so many baby furniture makers to have to recall cribs and other items due to safety hazards. Imagine the special memories and stories the family have gathered through the years about the crib, along with treasured family photos of the many babies enjoying their nap time in it. This crib project will require a trip to your local lumber supply store or local home improvement center.
After talking to several people about my idea, an awesome coworker of mine offered his hobbyist carpentry shop as a place to build it.

You can also guarantee, provided you are skilled enough to tackle this project, that the craftsmanship is superior to that of a manufactured, store bought crib. If that becomes too complicated, simply keep the heirloom crib at grandma and grandpa's house, there for each grandchild to use when they visit or spend the night. Another reason is that the cribs sold in boxes at popular retail chains always seem to have directions that are vague and extremely hard to follow. Be sure to have your crib plans in hand and refer to the exact list of hardware and tools that you will for your particular design of crib before going out to shop for these items. After you have mastered the art of crib making for your own children, you may even wish to make one for each adult in the future, so they each have their own crib made by their parent or grandparent. There usually seems to be some missing piece of hardware too, which is always disturbing, especially when building a baby crib. Each crib will be cherished and become a most prized possession that brings back happy memories for the entire family. The time and effort that goes into this DIY project comes from the love in your heart, and the recipient of the crib will be touched that someone went to the effect of making this piece of furniture that is sure to become a treasured family heirloom.

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