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You need to see your new interior wood stain colors before committing to the whole project.
With the wide range of interior wood stain colors available today, you can choose a stain color to complement any color scheme you choose. Although most manufactures have around 20-30 interior wood stain colors this still can be as difficult as deciding on a color to paint a room, but a good decision will make all the difference. Model homes and cabinets may be very difficult to replicate without knowing what woods and stains were used and how they were applied.

Be sure to test your choice on a scrap of similar wood or on a side that won’t be seen of the wood you are staining. When working with wood, this is an extremely easy color scheme to work with, especially if you choose earth tones. Usually for this to work the best, one of the three colors needs to dominate while the other two colors provide even proportions of accents.
There may be techniques you need to use to accomplish a look that is similar to the wood stain you saw in a magazine or on a website.

Figuring out what wood you are refinishing is the first step to successfully choosing an interior wood stain color.

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