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Black Jack would make a good staff but If your going to order wood there are better options and if your going to try and find it your more than likely going to have to cut down the whole tree and remove the hundreds of little branches on it. 90% of thru hikers use walking sticks or trekking poles but it is a minority of hikers that try and tackle more than 2K miles.
It offers a high-quality hiking stick by one of the best Ukrainian artist Vasyl Tkachuk, who lives in Kosiv.

I know some farmers that used them as fence posts before the 1950's and they're still standing strong. It is only maybe 10% of day hikers that use walking sticks or poles but it just depends on the terrain.
AT hikers on parts of it will use a walking stick, the wooden ones will flex and the best metal ones are spring loaded and are known as trekking poles.

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