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Today, if you want to fly an airplane, its as easy as going to a store with a toy section, and buying one. Naturally, building the airplane yourself took an enormous amount of time and effort for something that could easily be destroyed in a flaming inferno a few seconds into its first flight, or at any point during any flight, for that matter. The wing was held in place by elastics and a dowel so you could move it forward and back to balance the airplane without having to commit to gluing it in place permanently. Later that day, when flying the airplane again, I lost count of the number of turns I had put into the propeller winding it up, and the elastic snapped. Cute laughing toddler girl playing with colorful blocks, building an airplane in a sunny bedroom pic.

There are so many shapes and styles available, made out of Styrofoam, or plastic, or wood, or fiberglass, many with all electric engine and controls. The construction process itself was very similar to how airplanes were built during the world wars, just on a smaller scale. Out of necessity, some of it has to be done in stages, but because you use either white glue or wood glue, the drying process is only a couple hours long, so several major steps can be accomplished in a single day.
This model required tissue paper and diluted white glue to skin it, painted once on the frame, then again to the surface of the tissue paper that was touching the frame to ensure the glue penetrated all the way through the tissue paper and into the balsa wood frame. I think this was the exact point I realized that if it doesn’t work I may be left with a twisted pile of balsa wood, tissue, and a spinning propeller.

When cleaning out the house, some of my Grandfather’s possessions were divided up among the family, and one thing that many seemed to express interest in was an old balsa wood airplane my Grandfather made on a vacation at the old family cottage. All of which was quickly and carefully cut out and replaced, which is pretty damn cool when you consider how easy it is to repair the airplane.

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