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20 Aug. 2004

Woodworking shaper for sale,wood burning craft sets,wood trim kit for toyota camry - Reviews

High-speed rotating cutter of woodworking machines will slot, mortise the timber and form the surface.
I just got my Grizzly Christmas catalog and am seriously considering the G1026 3HP shaper for $950 plus shipping. That said, this machine will be used for home use and will maybe run enough lumber through it to fill a house with furniture if it is lucky (some bookcases, maybe bathroom cabinets etc). Don't forget to budget for a feeder, especially if you're planning to do a bunch of edge profiling for flooring.
As far as the fences go I disagree a little with Rod, I have the opinion that a good shaper is more important than a good fence. Manufacturers have catered to the customers desire for more and more HP without regards to whether or not the machine can actually make use of it.

My first impression is the Laguna offers some nice features for the price if your committed to buying new. You'll need a 3,000 to 4,000 RPM range for larger cutters and the Laguna has that, the Grizzly doesn't.
For instance, I believe 5hp motors may be more than the small bearings on a Unisaw or Delta HD shaper were ever designed for or could handle when pushed. I have heard so many horror stories and have had a negative experience with Laguna CS that I wouldn't touch their shaper with a 10 foot pole. Some people will spend your money freely, but I think you will do just fine with the G1026 shaper.
Not sure what you can pick up a PM2700 for nowdays, but its a great shaper with a great fence.

It's OK for light stuff, but not so good if you try to push the machine Lower speeds are also good to have mostly for running large diameter heads and cutters. The G1026 has plenty of power for everything I do, but I needed a dedicated shaper for taller spiral cutters for guitar necks. Work table close to a fixed working table and the guide plate taken from the manual can also use the guide roller and forming milling fixture for forming the side milling, the work table can be clamped in the active processing of assembled and face the table.

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