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02 Feb. 1996

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Collecting and exhausting dust at its source, before it reaches you, is the most efficient way to deal with wood dust. For the finer dust that gets into the air, filtration systems can help keep the airborne particles at bay. Finally, when working it a very dusty environment, there’s nothing quite like a personal air mask. While it may not be as glamorous as a new table saw or the latest router bit collection, dust collection is a sound investment in keeping your shop a safer, cleaner and more productive place.

Keeping the dust out of your lungs and nose can prevent a number of problems such as nasal polyps, sinus infections and cancer. The sky really is the limit so use some of the following information and your imagination to come up with a great dust collection system.Dust CollectorsThe heart of any dust collection system is a dust collector. Dust collectors can be as simple as a Shop Vac or as complex as a huge baghouse for manufacturing plants. I recommend you buy Woodshop Dust Control: A Complete Guide to Setting Up Your Own System which is a great book showing you how to design your own dust collection system.

I recommend you buy Clear Flexible Dust Collection Hose so you can see any blockages that might occur.

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